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i'm sorry for being me

check full midi skirt (BLUE)



but the real question is: does it count as nosepicking if no one sees it


nothing better to do


and i’m home

1. pollyanna mother 2. verdanturf town pokemon 3. two days ago animal crossing 4. shiawase negai kanata kara lucky star 5. route 209 pokemon 6. hikoukigumo the wind rises 7. mom’s hometown mother 3 8. 2am city folk 9. tori no uta air tv 10. snowman mother 3 11. last regrets kanon 2006 12. transformation brother bear 13. timid boy free! 14. kokurikozaka kara from up on poppy hill 15. give me wings evangelion 2.0

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a mix for remembering your old home and old memories


Went to some lake the other day, and took these pics with my phone. It was a lovely day; not to hot, not too cold, and pleasantly cloudy. The water was pretty warm too ~ 




I took so many #selfies as #allenwalker at #yaoicon2014 oops lol. No regrets imma post them all~ for the first time since I made this costume it needs some TLC, I think moving pulled off the bottom button on the jacket u.u #dgm #dgrayman #dgmcosplay #cosplay #dgraymancosplay #allencosplay #ycon #yaoicon